Light the Way For Children Diagnosed with Cancer as well as their Siblings

Candlelighters understands that when a child is diagnosed with cancer, it affects the whole family. We believe no family should face childhood cancer alone.

We also know how hard a cancer journey can be on children, including the siblings. Brothers and sisters can feel a lot of stress as they adjust to new schedules, new routines, and periods of separation from a parent and a hospitalized sibling. Keeping up with school and friends can be hard when everything at home is changing. And they may feel worried, scared, angry, sad, guilty, or forgotten.

That is why this April, we are paying extra attention to siblings. By sharing their stories and highlighting ways you can help, we ensure no child has to face this terrible disease alone.

Siblings Spotlight

Each sibling's story provides a glimpse into their cancer journey. We have the privilege of knowing these amazing young men and women. We hope their stories will inspire you as much as they inspire us to serve them and their families every day.