Our Mission

Our mission is to provide emotional support, quality of life programs, and financial assistance for children and their families affected by childhood cancer.

40 Faces

The 40 Faces of Candlelighters chronicles and shares the stories of individuals and their families who have benefited from the support of Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Nevada.

In 2018, the nonprofit organization observes 40 years of service in Las Vegas. Each Forty Faces of Candlelighters story represents one year of the nonprofit’s operation, providing just a small glimpse of the significant impact the organization has made in improving the lives of families in our community.

Comprehensive Cancer Centers is proud to sponsor Forty Faces of Candlelighters.

  • children under 19 diagnosed with cancer each year
    children under 19 diagnosed with cancer each year


  • survivors face chronic health condition
    survivors face chronic health condition


  • families experiencing financial hardship
    families experiencing financial hardship


  • US childhood cancer survivors
    US childhood cancer survivors

    270,000 +

Facts pulled from American Childhood Cancer Organization

This is the story of Jeremy James Floyd

By all accounts, 37-year old Jeremy James Floyd shouldn’t be with us today. His five-month-old daughter, Gwen, is an even greater miracle. The odds were stacked against Jeremy surviving his childhood cancer diagnosis, let alone one day becoming a father. Yet, despite the odds, here they are today, thriving.

“We always just call him our miracle baby,” says Jeremy James’ mom, Carey.

While so many years have passed since Jeremy James beat his diagnosis, recalling the journey is still difficult for Carey and her husband, Kevin. “Jeremy James was born with craniostenosis. The bones in his head were fused together, and he had corrective surgery when he was 10 weeks old. He lost over half of his blood supply and developed complications. His kidneys shut down, and we almost lost him. Because of that surgery and the complications, he had regular doctor check-ups, much more than was usual for most kids. He started out life with lots of problems."