Volunteers are at the very core of Candlelighters, and their support allows us to offer many wonderful programs for families affected by childhood cancer

Examples of opportunities include:

·        Office help—this includes tasks such as cutting, printing, laminating, filing, organizing, and the occasional arts and crafts task

·        Event setup—these volunteers help arrange tables, unload supplies, arrange décor, and more

·        Virtual volunteerism —these volunteers pitch in from afar from tasks such as making masks to helping with no contact deliveries

·        Event support – these volunteers keep our events running smoothly doing anything from check in and registration to managing booths to a variety of specialty skills such as photography and stage management

·        Direct service – these are opportunities to work directly with families and kiddos

·        CAMP INDEPENDENT FIREFLY —these volunteers spend a week at Camp Independent Firefly working directly with diagnosed children and their siblings ages 7-17  to give them an amazing week of classic summer camp in a medically safe environment.

Most of the volunteer programming is for adults 18 years and older, although certain events are designed for younger volunteers and family participation. Opportunities are available for groups or organizations. Volunteers will undergo screening and background checks, and trainings will be offered throughout the year.

Interested in becoming a volunteer? Explore this page to learn more or if you’re ready to get started, fill out an application! 

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Volunteer Spotlight Winter 2020

Volunteer Names: Keisha & Lauren Bickham (and David Bickham)

Volunteering with Candlelighters Since: 2018

Volunteer Projects This Winter Have Included: Thanksgiving Meal Delivery, 12 Days of Cheer, Holiday Gift Wrapping for Adopt a Family

Prior to this Winter: Teen Scene Deliveries & Creative Expressions Deliveries, Superhero 5k

Share a meaningful memory from volunteering: Our very first volunteering activity when moving to Las Vegas in 2018 was the Candlelighter’s Superhero 5k. I woke Lauren and David (then 14 and 10 years old) up at 3am to drive to the site of the race. It was still pitch black and I was given the task to deliver ice to the stations via a golf cart. I didn’t bother to mention I’d never driven a golf cart before, none the less in the dark! We made it work though and the kids prevented me from driving off a ledge. As the morning continued and more volunteers arrived, we split up, working different areas of the event. My son found a family of boys his age. That crew, full of energy, hauled water and snacks to race check points, riding on the back of go carts and trucks. Lauren headed to the Project Imagine arts booth where she meet her classmate and they helped young people create crafts and paint during the event. Afterwards, you would have never known we’d put in nearly 9 hours of volunteering. The kids were still full of energy! We cannot wait for conditions to allow us to once again support the Superhero 5k in person.

Why did you choose Candlelighters as an organization to volunteer for: Lauren and I have always had an affinity to children and can empathize with families going through challenging times. During 2020, Candlelighters offered an opportunity to volunteer despite limitations of COVID-19. I am also a healthcare administrator and can understand the needs of families when dealing with medical situations. Parents have enough to deal with in supporting their child, we feel our volunteering can help for at least a moment, for them to not have to worry about the basics and hopefully deliver a surprise to the benefitting young person.


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