Each quarter we highlight one of our exceptional volunteers and ask them to share their experience.

Volunteer Name: Michelle "Mamarazzi" Sylvester

Volunteering Since: 2019

Mamarazzi has been volunteering for Candlelighters since 2019, mainly offering her epic photography skills. A Candlelighters staff member recruited her help for camp upon meeting her at her son's hockey game. She's one of the most genuine people you'll ever meet and has the most amazing stories to tell! You can find Michele at most events, taking photos of everyone's smiling faces and if you volunteer at camp, she's sure to capture your most endearing and hilarious moments! 

Share a meaningful memory from volunteering: "This is such a tough question. There have been so many little things I've witnessed and taken part in that have affected me. Recently, at camp, a couple of campers were very interested in photography, and they were so surprised when I encouraged them to try my camera. I watched them carefully adjust settings and take photos of their surroundings. They were excited to show me what they captured and looked so proud. Their images were beautiful, and it's inspired me to bring at least one back up camera with me next summer for the campers to create their own images."

Anything to tell the world? OR Two Fun Facts About Yourself: "I started with sports photography when I was active duty in the Coast Guard and deployed away from my family. Being a photographer gave me a new career and way to continue to serve my community after retiring from the military."

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