Nick Tan - Spring 2021

Nick Tan - Spring 2021

Volunteer Spotlight - Spring 2021

Volunteer Name: Nick Tan

Volunteering with Candlelighters Since: August 2017

Volunteer Projects this Spring have included: Creative Expressions Delivery, Be the Love Delivery, Teen Scene Deliveries, Tween Time Delivery

Volunteer Projects prior to this Spring have included: Fireworks Booth, Thanksgiving Deliveries, Superhero 5k

Share a meaningful memory from volunteering: During a Creative Expressions Delivery to one of the families, I remember calling the parents to let them know I left their supplies at the front door. When the door opened, one of their kids had gone to pick up the package instead. They had the biggest smile on their face, with their eyes wide open, and said "Thank you" in the longest and most appreciative tone before heading back inside. To this day, this experience has always stuck with me because of its simplistic message. What I realized was that even during the pandemic, with minimal interaction, it means the world to others that I can always lend a helping hand whether it be through deliveries or small activities. Going for almost a year without true interaction changed my perspective and made me cherish the little moments that I take for granted a lot of the time. Moments like these that change your outlook are always hard to come by, but when they do, it is the best feeling to know as a volunteer your actions matter to others. 

Why did you choose Candlelighters as an organization to volunteer for? I chose Candlelighters because of its mission statement and my background in tutoring children. I have always believed that children are our future and through Candlelighters, I have been able to combine my interests in both community service and helping the younger generation. Being a part of this organization has also been an amazing experience for me because I have been able to connect with individuals of different backgrounds. The focus Candelighters has on benefiting the Las Vegas community is truly unique and it is this mission to assist families in need that makes me ecstatic to be involved.