Allison Lambert- Winter 2021

Allison Lambert- Winter 2021

Volunteer Name: Allison “Peaches” Lambert

Volunteering with Candlelighters Since: 2020

Volunteer Projects with Candlelighters this summer include: Allison is one of Candlelighters most consistent volunteers, quietly and cheerfully chipping in whenever there is a need. In 2021, she served 22 times, not including hours spent going above and beyond such as planning lessons or activities for Tween Time throughout the year. For the December birthday cards, Allison took the time to write an uplifting joke into each kiddo’s card, for her goodie bags she has hand-drawn coloring pages onto blank gift bags and crafted handles from ribbons, and when extra hands were urgently needed at the Candlelighters Birthday Party she showed up early and worked a double shift.  Allison can always be relied on to put a little extra care and thoughtfulness into all her volunteer projects.

Volunteer Projects with Candlelighters prior to this summer include: Tween Time, Hospital Goodie Bags, Office Support, Birthday Club Card

Share a meaningful memory of volunteering: During tween scene, I always loved hearing about all the amazing things the tweens were doing from acing their spelling test to singing in a talent show. One time we were trying to do karaoke over zoom. With the zoom delay, each person was a second off. Everyone just started laughing and it was great to hear everyone’s individual voice. Even though karaoke didn’t work, we came up with more activities and we had a really fun time. 

Why did you choose Candlelighters as an organization to donate your time: From spending time in research, I learned about the difficulties of caring for cancer patients. Healthcare professionals can provide treatments for a physical diagnosis, but there is little care that goes into meeting all the patients' needs that allow them to receive the proper treatments and heal. Candlelighters works to give children the best chance to become healthy and continues to help them and their families after treatment. Candlelighters thinks of all the tiny details that make all the difference. I wanted to help to be a part of that goal. It is great to become close with the children and see their progression. I love being able to see their happy faces and to be able to contribute in every way possible to make that happen.   

Anything else you want to add? I really appreciate being able to serve with such uplifting and happy people. I am honored to be able to contribute to this positive environment. Everyone works really hard to always be encouraging and supportive and give their best! The children and their families are always first.