Candlelighters recognizes more than ever the importance of staying connected as a community and the transformative power volunteerism has on accomplishing that goal.  To help our families and our community, Candlelighters is excited to introduce virtual volunteerism—volunteer opportunities that can be safely performed at home or in isolation.


Please check out these new opportunities here. Some projects may highlight specific skills while others can be performed by anyone at any age or skill level. All of them draw our volunteers together to continue serving our families and the community at large.

Create protective masks for families of children diagnosed with cancer.

Print mask pattern on 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper.

Email Laurie at when masks are completed for drop off instructions.

Coloring Activity

Color in the page and write a message to bring some sunshine to a kiddo who is fighting cancer. Once complete upload picture to social media with hashtag #kidscantfightcanceralone and tag @Candlelightersnv