Candlelighters recognizes more than ever the importance of staying connected as a community and the transformative power volunteerism has on accomplishing that goal.  To help our families and our community, Candlelighters is excited to introduce virtual volunteerism—volunteer opportunities that can be safely performed at home or in isolation.

Coloring Pages

Download one of our volunteer designed coloring pages. Color it in, add your own uplifting message or kid friendly joke, then email back to the Volunteer Manager ( or stop by the office to drop it off. We will print them out and share with kiddos to lift their spirits.


Coloring Booklet

Create your own coloring book for kids! 

In order to create a coloring book, all you need is blank copy paper, a pencil, an eraser, and a black marker. 

  1. Sketch your designs onto blank copy paper. Great coloring book designs leave a lot of space for imagination!
  2. Outline your designs in thick, black marker.
  3. Erase any pencil marks that are left over.
  4. Scan your designs and send them in an email to the Volunteer Manager (

We can create 8 page, 16 page, and 32 page booklets to bring to the kiddos in the hospital. We want to keep the booklets interesting, so stick with a theme, a story, or use the pages to teach them something interesting or useful! Please stay away from highly controversial topics such as religion or politics. Some recent booklets that were created focused on hot cocoa across the world, or how coffee was first discovered!

Hospital Goodie Bags

Each month, Candlelighters delivers themed goodie bags to the pediatric oncology unit at Summerlin Hospital to bring fun and cheer. Groups, families, or individuals have the opportunity to sponsor the goodie bags for a month which includes purchasing supplies (or gathering donations) and assembling the packages for these special warriors.

Birthday Club Cards

Volunteers will write cards to be sent to all the kiddos in the Candlelighters family that will be celebrating their birthdays that month, both diagnosed children and their siblings. The cards will include a coupon allowing the child to select a gift from the Candlelighters Toy Closet.

No Contact Deliveries

One of the most critical things our volunteers having been doing since the start of COVID-19 pandemic has been delivering supplies to our families. These have included products to keep their immune-compromised children safe as well as supplies to allow the kids to stay connected through virtual programming during these isolating times. Deliveries are needed every month! Volunteers generally distribute between 3-5 families per delivery, and deliveries can be picked up and dropped off at any time during a given 2 day window for maximum flexibility.